Unlock your inner peace with hypnotherapy, and become the person you know you want to be. Whether it's breaking a bad habit, or facing anxiety, or trying to rise above low self esteem, most of the time the answers lie within yourself. By using gentle, non-medical techniques, we can help you move the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goal to be a stronger and healthier person in spirit and soul.

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 We Can Help You Find Your Balance

Peace of mind - the state where you are one with your self, balancing heart, mind and soul. So many things can upset this balance, like personal relationships, work-related stress, health issues, addictions and anxiety. This imbalance can lead to many unhealthy habits, like over-eating, smoking, drug addiction and/or anti-social behavior as we look for a quick fix to ease the pain.

Hypnotherapy may be able to help. The answer lies within you, and sometimes you just need a guide - a friendly voice, a light in the dark - to help you find your way back to peace. This is what I can do for you. After a few discovery sessions, I will create a custom set of theraputic recordings that you can listen to in the privacy of your own home. I will teach you relaxation techniques, and combine with these recordings, you sit back and relax, and let your subconscious do the rest. It is a gentle process that guides you at your own pace, and will help you find that peace of mind you are searching for in a healthy and holistic way.

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